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A seed is an incredible thing...

Within what seems like a small, insignificant little piece of life is the power to produce a crop 10-fold the little kernel that started it all. This is the root (pardon the pun,) to truly understanding the magical art of cold pressed oils.

Acres of potential plant life, pressed down into one nutrient dense oil, that is sure to leave you feeling healthier, fuller and more in touch with nature's goodness. 


Such is the power of a seed and the knowledge of that power is what sprouted

Seed Oil Company’s deep passion for organic cold expeller pressing.

For over 10 years we’ve been providing customers with high quality, gently processed seed oils and powders to help improve their everyday lives as well as the lives of their beloved pets and livestock.

You can rest assured that each bottle of oil or pouch of powder that arrives on your doorstep has been packaged fresh with zero chemicals and minimal heat, retaining all the nutrients naturally present in the seeds.

Because at Seed Oil Company, if it isn’t raw, if it isn’t organic, if it isn’t natural, it just isn't worth it!


"Love the pumpkin oil! it has great flavor and makes delicious dressings and marinades.

I also use the powder! Love this product as well. Great source of plant protein."

— Lynn W.

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