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Pumpkin Powder Digestion Supplement (14 oz)

Pumpkin Powder Digestion Supplement (14 oz)

Pumpkin seed powder, when given to dogs and cats, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits for anal gland disease and intestinal health. That means pumpkin seeds can help with irritation, inflammation, and pain in the anal glands, and further decrease chronic anal gland disease. 

Pumpkin seeds are also loaded with magnesium, zinc and iron.

Our Pumpkin Digestion Supplement has the added benifits of freeze dried organic yogurt, organic apple and organic carrot.


Ingreidients -

•organic pumpkin seed powder

•organic pumpkin squash*

•organic greek yogurt*

•organic apple*

•organic carrot*

* freeze dried


Serving size starts with a TBLS a day for small dogs.

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