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About Our Company

Our Founder first had the idea for Seed Oil Company back in early 2008.

A home builder by trade yet passionate about agriculture he began researching seed oils with the intention to convert them into biodiesel. However, he soon found their nutritional benefits far exceeded their energy potential.

We partnered with a local farm in 2009 to grow our first crop, the Camelina Flower. A plant unfamiliar to American agriculture but abundant in oil-rich seeds. After assembling the family and harvesting that first crop we were ready to begin pressing.

Our first press machine was a small single-head press we found at an Agriculture Convention. Through trial and error, we mastered the delicate art of oil extraction and as the golden oil flowed we stood amazed at the simple miracle of expeller-pressed oils. Making our debut at the local growers market we educated customers about the benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the importance of cold pressed oils as opposed to chemically extracted vegetable oils.  

Support for our oils and their bi-products only grew from there as we began supplying local grocery stores and shipping all over the country. We’re happy to say our humble beginnings have, much like a seed, grown to produce a crop 10 fold and we look forward to our continued growth as we strive to provide you with the highest quality products nature has to offer!


Please reach out with any questions or comments!


-The Doyle Family 

Pumpkin Seed oil for Livestock
Omega 3 for Horses
Camelina seed oil for Equine
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