About Our Company

Welcome to Seed Oil Company!


Our interest in cold pressed oils originally began because of their potential as a bio-diesel. However, upon discovering the unique health benefits of Omega fatty acids we began selling our oils as a nutritional supplement for both pets and people.

Since then we've expanded into milling the seed cake into powder and formulating the oils for cosmetics. 

All our seeds are sourced and grown in the Pacific Northwest. Grown organically and naturally free of chemical pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, or anything that we understand to alter natures way.

Our goal as a company and family is to provide Organic Nutritional Supplements to our customers that help to heal and nourish their bodies. 

To read about the benefits of the seeds visit our product pages.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our valley!

-Seed Oil Company

About Our Family

In our family of 7, there are 3 children married. And 8 beautiful Grand Babies!

We have many animals. Including 5 dogs, 2 horses, 2 ponies, 5 cats, & lots of goats, chickens, cows & even 2 rabbits. So between all of us there has been lots of opportunity to watch these products work their magic!

We are located in Grants Pass, Oregon. And have lived here for about 27 years.

Our family moved from California to Oregon in 1993. And after 15 years of being in the building industry we decided it was time to try something new!


We started growing and pressing seed in 2009 & haven't stopped!

Seed Oil Company LLC.



P.O. Box 52

Murphy, OR, 97533, U.S.A