How Pumpkin Seed Oil Can Improve Skin Health & Discourage Acne!

Updated: May 24

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If you're a junkie for superfoods and natural home remedies then you're probably well aware of the benefits that pumpkin seed oil provides to the heart, brain, and immune system. However, you may not be aware of what this miraculous oil can do for the skin.

If you're skeptical about putting oil on your face at all, afraid it will cause your skin to go all greasy, allow me to dissuade your fears. Cold-pressed oils like pumpkin seed oil contain essential fatty acids (EFA's) that regulate and balance moisture in the skin, preventing dryness but discouraging it from crossing the line into the greasy territory. Pumpkin seed oil specifically has a low comedogenic rating which means it's not the type of oil that will clog pores. In fact, your face has a natural layer of fatty lipids essential to its health and dermatologists recommend against disrupting this lipid layer with frequent face washing because it can actually cause breakouts. (1)

It works something like this...

• Frequent face washing causes your skin to dry out.

• Your body tries to combat this with an overproduction of fatty sebum.

• Sebum, if not kept in check, clogs the pores and causes acne to form thus

terrorizing your money-maker.

Not a fun cycle at all... I like to call it the pimple paradox.

For that reason, it's a good idea to keep the face hydrated to avoid an uncontrolled sebum cycle, and because of its high EFA content and plethora of skin rejuvenating vitamins and minerals, pumpkin seed oil is the obvious choice for the job.

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⬆ Before and after photos; 2 months of pumpkin seed oil treatment. ⬆

On top of its ability to balance and moisturize, the anti-inflammatory properties of pumpkin seed oil can help decrease redness caused by acne. It also has wound-healing capabilities which lend a hand in repairing lesions. (2) Studies have found drastic reductions in overall acne lesion counts when using pumpkin seed oil over a prolonged period of 1-2 months, as seen above. (3)

Meanwhile vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc content helps to prevent free radicals and encourage the production of collagen which increases elasticity and firmness, leaving a youthful and buoyant look and feel to the skin. (4)

Now then, let's address how you can incorporate it into your skincare regime.

How to use:

Internal supplementation is one method of obtaining the benefits discussed above. Taking a tablespoon a day will supply the body with all the nutritional benefits needed to support the skin from the inside out, but the best option is to apply directly to the skin and face. For this, we recommend the oil cleansing method.

Oil Cleansing Method:

The basic working principle of this method is that we're applying oil to the face to purge the dead skin cells and excess sebum from the pores and then removing them without disrupting the natural lipid layer of the skin with a detergent-based cleanser. This is a very clever way to cleanse the face because, as discussed above, removing the natural lipid layer can leave your skin dry and vulnerable.

Step 1:

Steam your face with a warm, damp towel for about a minute to open up your

pores (you can also skip this step and go straight to step 2 if you've just gotten

out of a warm shower).

Step 2:

Apply 1 teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil to your face and massage for 2-3 minutes.

(It's going to feel oily but hang in there!)

Step 3:

Thoroughly remove the oil with a warm, damp towel.

Step 4:

Once all the oil has been removed, apply a small amount of fresh oil to

your face and massage for 1 minute

The last step may be skipped if you already have oily-prone skin, or you can try it for a week and see how your skin reacts. The skin should feel soft and supple after you're done with a treatment. For best results try and do this once a day or at least several times a week.

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Thanks for reading! We hope you found it enjoyable and informative :)

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Take care, and plant good seeds! :)

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