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Omega-3 for Equine & Livestock 1 Gallon

Omega-3 for Equine & Livestock 1 Gallon

A complete and natural Omega-3 and vitamin E supplement to increase the performance of your loyal steed and support the overall health of your livestock. Made with only one simple ingredient, Cold Pressed Camelina Seed Oil.


Our animals health is of the utmost important to us, whether it’s making sure our favorite barrel racer is in the best shape for their next competition or making sure an older mare is still able to enjoy trail rides without returning stiff and sore.


Supplementing with an all-natural Omega-3 and vitamin E source can provide benefits such as increased joint mobility, lowering inflammation, strengthening the hooves, supporting the skin and coat, and improving brain and heart health. It can also help livestock maintain a healthy weight and support the immune system against allergies.


The best thing about Omega-3 for Equine and Livestock is that its plant based. Many people forget horses and most livestock are naturally vegetarian, which is why some veterinarians are advising to avoid fish oil supplements all together in favor of plant-based options.


If you’re looking to improve your horse’s performance or just ensure the overall health of your beloved farm animals we believe you’ve found the solution right here!

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