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Omega-3 for Dogs & Cats

Omega-3 for Dogs & Cats

A complete and all natural Omega-3 and vitamin E supplement for your four-legged friends made with only one simple ingredient, Cold Pressed Camelina Seed Oil.


Dogs and Cats thrive on a diet rich in Essential Fatty Acids like Omega-3. With the added benefit of naturally occurring vitamin E, a powerful Anti-oxidant, you get the absolute perfect supplement for keeping your furry friend at optimum health.


If your beloved companion itches, scratches, sheds excessively, suffers from allergies, or has lost some of their mobility due to age than it may be time to look into an all natural Omega-3 supplement.


Our Omega-3 supplement is plant based and has no stinky fish smell, and because most dogs and cats enjoy the light and nutty flavor its much easier to administer than pesky pill supplements. Just pour it directly in a dish or over their food and watch them devour it.


We should warn you, if you start using Omega-3 for Dogs & Cats you might be stopped frequently at the local dog park to be asked, “How do you get their coat so shiny??.”


Luckily, this is the only known side effect.

  • Payment Information:

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express. No additional credit card fees will be charged. 

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